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Wear Your Baby-Baby Slings and Baby Carriers.

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Version 2Chores to Play its Saturday!


As any good mother knows there’s that anticipation mixed with a bit of dread when Saturday arrives. If you work, and are in school or you’re children are cared for Monday through Friday then you most definitely can relate to this post.

There’s that sense of relief as I gently open my eyes Saturday mornings. It’s that sense of relief in knowing, I’ve made it through the week almost a sense of accident accomplishment but at soon as that feeling sets in a wave of angst crashes in as well. With Saturday’s come the laundry list of chores and including laundry itself. There’s the cooking, the cleaning, the organizing of bills, the disinfecting of toys, the grocery shopping and then there’s homework itself.

In as much as I want to relax in my bed and sleep in without the rushing pressure of he weekday clock against me, I know that it’s Saturday and every moment counts as he full time duties of a mother are never complete, even on the weekends. My goal as I’m sure it is for all mamas is to be an attentive loving, present mother to their children while supplying them with nutritious delicious meals that Martha Stewart herself made in a kitchen and house that she also decorated and cleaned. The expectations are high and the task of finding balance is what motherhood is about.

As a ritual for the weekends, and I believe in creating your own rituals, I try to make something for breakfast for the Prince from scratch. Yes it’s a feat but I believe in a bit of indulgence on the weekends. We eat so clean and pure on the weekdays and so for Saturday I like to surprise him with a bit of homemade sweetness. Typical breakfast menus include the following: French toast (or as my sons European father recently told me it’s referred to as lost toast over there), pancakes, waffles, cinnamon rolls, quiche and fruity smoothies.

You might ask how do I attempt to cook from scratch with an inquisitive toddler on my hip? Well there’s one option I use when I’m desperate and that’s you tube Spanish cartoons but I loathe the idea of the television babysitting my son (not saying I do not do this), but rather I try and minimize the time he does. What I found to be helpful from around the age of six months to the present day is the baby carrier. Now this is another dilemma in entirely which one do you purchase? Well I went through four different ones before I found the ergo baby, and found my match. It took me a lot of time of actually having him in the sling and doing chores and daily activities before I could really say I liked this product.

Looking back over his twenty-one month life, and examining my weekends, I wouldn’t have gotten anything done if it wasn’t for the ergo baby sling. As I single mother living with no family on my coast I have had to improvise and create ways to balance motherhood this

Sling has helped tremendously. Prince really enjoys the sling and as young as seven or eight months would say “up” when he wanted to be in the sling with me. So for Saturday chores and me this is what I found to be helpful. It’s amazing how they relax into you and enjoy the view of whatever you’re doing at that moment, plus they are in the safest place they can be snuggled next to your heart, so it instantly calms them down.

The ergo baby allows you to wear them on the back as well once they are old enough but I still haven’t attempted that feat I even had my sons father use the sling over the holidays and he’s a tall 6’7″ guy but still said it was comfortable to use because the straps are easily adjustable. Saturday’s are the days I love and sometimes loathe but being connected to my sons eating and playing all day is worth the tiredness I feel at the end of the day when I’m

Wondering, how many more hours until Monday? Honestly, without the ergo baby I would not get anything done and again so conveniently ready to order on amazon.com


Ergo baby

Homeopathy Holistic Toddler Naptime

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The Will and Power of a Prince

If you’re a momma of a toddler, like I am then you know what I am talking about when I say the word tired. Exhaustion, sleep deprivation, low energy all might be adjectives that describe how both you and your toddler feel when trying to establish healthy sleep patterns. At this very moment while writing this I am in a battle. A battle that only ends one of two ways, me giving into my Prince’s demands or me standing firm in this trying yet healthy routine of sleeping.

This is not my first post on sleeping and it won’t be my last, I realize that it won’t be my last but as mothers it can be a reoccurring issue that arises as our babies grow into toddlers and beyond. Now I am not here to preach cry it out or any sort of parenting method but rather to explain what has worked for us and what just left me sleepy.

The beauty of a routine is Divine, especially when it’s little ones who tend to like structure and don’t adapt well change. How this played out for my son and I had had it challenges. My son has a set nap routine at his preschool and although it took him some time to adjust he quickly followed suite with his classmates. However, once he is home with me on the weekends he fights naps harder than a piglet fights to get his milk.

Now I’ve tried to push his naptime back a bit shooting for more time between his waking hours. I feed him heavy carbohydrates and good quality fats and proteins as well as putting him down by nursing him (the only method he’s ever fallen asleep for me) but yet still we battle. I never knew I had to fight with my son. I don’t like being at war with anyone let alone my very flesh and blood. Through trial and many errors I’ve learned there has to be a dominant energy in the duo and because I am the mother that responsibility lies on me.

As of now the biggest battle is the one of the voices in my head telling me I’m not doing it right trying to remember what that book said or what the recent blog post had suggested to try but foolishly I can’t remember anything. Everyone offers unsolicited parenting advice and what I hear mostly is the voices that I have to establish boundaries I am not his friend if he cries and I come to him I’m teaching him to get his way and control me but to me if he cries he needs me so I detour from using this method unless it’s for more than a few minutes during nap time.

Sitting outside his door hearing him fight this looming sleep, nothing makes sense at the moment I’m just counting down the minutes until the homeopathy kicks in and he passes out from sheer exhaustion. He always does I think just in those moments of sleeplessness and angst about a teary eyed toddler, my heart drops, my mind seems shuffled and all I can imagine is both of us sleeping in peace for an afternoon nap.

My latest conclusion is to tire him out throughout the day whether it be taking him to the park for a run or sending him off to the beach with godfather but at some point he will rest, whether it’s driving to and fro or that moment when the sleep takes of the will of my son but when he sleeps at that it’s good. I’ve learned not to force afternoon naps because then I’m left frustrated and tired but instead try to work with him and let his body take the lead, of course a good relaxing homeopathic spray to help calm him down never hurt and I enjoy siddha soothe and salts flower essence the soothe and sleep. Again found on amazon.com this magic spray of flowers help to calm my highly energetic son and help to relax him into naptime when it feels right to him. So what we your method is stick to it and let no one judge you for it. Parenting isn’t about perfection rather is about learning from the imperfection we are bound to emulate and finding creative ways to make raising your toddler both productive and feasible.


The Boob Or Nothing At All-Breastfeeding My Toddler

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    I am starting my blog with this somewhat controversial yet very real issue of extended breastfeeding, plaguing many conscious mamas, from all walks of life and cultures today. In essence it’s actually three issues combined into one but we will cover one and in the next articles address the other. I asked myself these questions..How much is too much boob? And when is it time put away the boobs for good? You might be wondering if you stumbled across the wrong blog post but I assure if you’re breastfeeding your baby or toddler or know someone who is, then this is definitely for you.

   I take this slightly humorous approach because let’s be real mamas, when you are breastfeeding your little one, over time, every possible scenario happens which might bring out laughter. I’m the proud mommy to my twenty one month old son who’s been nursing relentlessly for twenty one months. I empathize this because it has not been glamours or even “womanly” as some authors have described it but rather it’s been down right challenging mixed with some moments of adoration, deep love and wonder.

  My Prince, as he’s lovingly referred to by most everyone in our life was born under the astrological sign of the bull, a Taurus, and with that came the tenacity to get his way( as is with most toddlers) but specifically in the area of my boobs. I realized last week I don’t own my boobs anymore they merely hang beautifully upon my chest but they truly belong to my son.

  You might wonder why I feel this way and I will explain. Ever since I made the

Conscious decision to nurse my son it has been an experience. I’ve learned so much along the way and none of it came from books, it came from me asking other conscious mamas how they survived. My Taurus Prince, lived and still abides by the motto the boon or nothing at all. He never was that easy little baby who was willing to suckle on a cute pacifier through the night nor would he dare to drink my freshly pumped breast milk from a bottle. Instead as a single mother who solely breastfed, practiced attachment parenting (see this article for more), and had to start back teaching yoga, when he was just six month, he insisted on the boob or nothing at all.

   It’s funny to look back now and remember how one of his caregivers would spoon feed him my milk while I was teaching yoga, and I realized some babies just don’t want anything but the boob. I was told by countless women and mommies to try this specific bottle, this unique nipple, but numerous pacifiers until he took one and nothing worked. My Prince was dead set on drinking his golden milk from me directly, as it was intended by nature.

   This all sounds good and in congruent with the flow of life and the universe but when your ever stubborn persistent toddler still insists on night feedings around the clock you have to decide where you draw the line? This is my current dilemma I am still facing. I have outed over countless blogs regarding co-sleeping night nursing toddlers and found a plethora of remedies, which I have attempted to no avail.

   When you’re dog tired you are grumpy, you are quit to snap at those you love and you have a difficult time doing everyday activities, let alone concentrating on work and school. I decided to stop trying to do what everyone else recommended and listen to the biorhythm of my son and myself. Now, I must say as a holistic nutritionist and health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I took into consider his nutritional needs, as well as his emotional nighttime needs but with that being said, trying to force feed a sometimes picky toddler, high fats and protein combo to induce sleep didn’t work either.

Like I said, I gave up and just tried to make both of us as comfortable and relaxed as possible and worked on timing out the nursing and trying other things like back rubbing and pats versus just giving into his demands for on demand boobs every hour. We have come a long way and there are some nights I find sleep and my son is sufficient with one or two feedings but other nights it’s incessant. What I discovered that works well for us is the “Calm” with magnesium and calcium, because I’m losing so

 much while nursing and it helps to relax my body and my Prince loves to sip it as well. I don’t give him too much because it can cause loose stools but a few drinks of mamas helps to calm and relax his little body as well. I started with one tablespoon and add more depending on how

I am feeling but if it’s your first time taking Calm then I recommend starting off with a teaspoon and gradually increasing the dosage. As I mentioned I’m a single mother, so I’ve shopped around for the best possible price and amazon.com is the best deal. I like that it ships to me in a few days so I don’t even have to get my spirited toddler out of the house.

   In conclusion how long is long enough to breastfeed your demanding boob only toddler? Well, I believe your toddler and you will make that decision together and remember let nobody detour your decision because it’s the best possible gift and start in life, you can give your little one! Finally, I’ve noticed in the nights we both have calm in our systems we sleep better and he wakes up less frequently for the boob. My story and remedies are unique but they worked for us and I’m certain your story is special too and I would love to hear your thoughts.

Wellness Wishes,

Jennelle Gordon

Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Blog

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Thank you for stopping to read some of my collective thoughts, ideas and inspirations of how to be a conscious momma, a well balanced self-loving woman, a business entrepreneur, a world traveler and a lover of this abundant life!

I’ve had some amazing adventures, unusual twists, unique experiences and profound teachings I cannot wait to share with you. I believe that the best part of this beautiful life is embracing every aspect of you because we are all so special and have a different story. My passion is to share my east meets west philosophies by turning them into more practical everyday ideas for mommas from all walks of life, which simply desire to live more holistically. I will be sharing yoga, meditation, dance, nutrition, sensuality, female empowerment, recipes, products and laughter all geared for women, mothers and children. Please leave your email for exiting tips and feel free to share anything on your heart.

Flourishing wishes,


Yoga, Tantra Teacher and Nutritionist Introduction

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My name is Jennelle Gordon or “Yogamama” as my dear friends have called me. I am an empowered goddess of all things health and wellness related. I’m a passionate, independent, conscious, holistic mother to Prince Amadi, my twenty one month old son. I am obsessed with eating organic, local, food, as well as numerous types of yoga, meditation and dance. As a yoga teacher and nutritionist I help my clients integrative mindful living and eating into their daily lives. I am also a businesswoman who travels the world and I believe if you can feel it you can have it. I thought I knew what patience and living a balanced life was and now my son is my biggest teacher of these practices every day. I hope to share some of my insights, travels and reviews on the latest holistic products.

IMG_0607Flourishing wishes,


Health Coach Week 2017

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There’s a bit of magic that happens when you step on your yoga mat with the intention of losing weight, finding holistic health and wellness, seeking the feeling of overall wellbeing through the ancient, ever so trendy practice of hatha yoga and meditation. My classes blend both traditional and modern yoga with the artistic aspects of dance, tantra, chakra awareness, kundalini yoga, conscious dance, and exotic dance, combined with world music to create unique fitness classes. Whether you choose to warm up the physical and energetic body with copious rounds of sun salutations or possibly go deep into half moon posture, while focusing on the practice of mindfulness, staying present with your thoughts and breathe, or perhaps cooling down the body while providing solitude for the mind through a yin yoga sequence, look no further.

If a gentle restorative yoga is your forte then my prenatal yoga classes are just what your body is calling for. Maybe you are desiring to loose inches after giving birth, all the while partaking in a gentle detox and cleanse for the the body then my interactive mommy and me yoga classes are a must. Start your 2017 New Years with a personalized and custom tailored health coaching session from a licensed holistic nutritionist trained in thousands of dietary theories like gluten free, Ayurveda, vegan, raw and the paleo diet.

Everyone wants to cultivate more quality relationships and to learn how to master the art of communication through the practice of tantric yoga or couples yoga, which has been used for improved sexuality, conflict resolution, and erectile dysfunction, pain during intercourse and awaking your chakras. So whether you just want to loose weight, feel great, calm the mind, stretch and move the body, dance your blues away, or dive deep into the unique practice of lovemaking and sexuality well then you can look no further, one stop blissful shop.