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The purpose of my life is to be passionate and loving to all, facilitate healing and embody BLISS! Will you join me?!

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Jennelle Gordon is an inspiration for women as a leader, speaker, and educator. She studied tantra and yoga extensively with masters in Thailand after leaving her traumatic past behind for a brighter future. Having been the product of rape and then the system, her fate would have been sealed by statistics to either death or a life of addiction. But rather than sit in the passenger seat of her own life and live in compliance with societal programming, she took the wheel and created her own destiny.




Born from violence to a troubled single mother in Pittsburgh, she quickly became a ward of the state and placed in a foster home of religious extremists. Her new family brought her on a missionary trip to Thailand where she was kept from receiving a proper education or medical treatment for her most critical formative years. They continued neglecting her health long after their return to America, and as she grew they would also keep her in isolation and secluded from the outside world in an effort to control her body and mind. However, her strength of self overcame their attempts at brainwashing and she left home on her eighteenth birthday.


Unsure of her options without a formal education or any work experience, she enrolled in the army in hopes of building a better life for herself. Unfortunately, they didn’t do their due diligence and sent her to training without a medical examination. Had they done so, they would have discovered she was medically unfit due to years of neglect and she wouldn’t have suffered so needlessly by the physical stress of boot camp. As a result of their error she was hospitalized whereby she accumulated medical debt she couldn’t pay and would become increasingly desperate for stability and security. This newfound vulnerability attracted predators who would sexually exploit her over the course of a decade through coercion and manipulation. She fell into the same cycle of victimization from her childhood and finally broke free when she faked her death in order to escape certain death. It was then that she would return to Thailand and study tantra; fully liberating her body, mind, and spirit.






Through her spiritual studies and yogic practices, she healed herself holistically from unresolved trauma and developed Dance Om; an integrative form of dance therapy designed to relinquish women from societal constraints on their sexuality and sense of self. Soon after completion of her spiritual training, she became pregnant with her son and returned to America. After giving birth to Amadi, she moved to California to teach yoga, but still couldn’t make ends meet. Living with her infant in a friend’s garage for some time, she decided on being a better provider and signed up for classes at Orange Coast College. There she was given an assignment to write a speech on any topic of her choosing, little did she know the research she would conduct for this assignment would completely change her life and the lives of countless other women. The topic she chose was human trafficking and upon reading the definition given by the United Nations, she realized that she was being trafficked for years unknowingly in plain sight.




 One horrific realization led to a movement that started as a school club and grew into a nonprofit organization known as Beyond Freedom. It was only after she went to several organizations that were supposedly dedicated to helping survivors that she realized none of them provided what she felt survivors truly need. Her mission from then on became helping survivors heal from their trauma holistically and psychologically, as well as rebuild their lives by offering sanctuary, education, and career paths. She saw a pattern of victimization in survivors that stemmed from a slave mentality forced on them by their traffickers, and how they kept falling into the same cycle after breaking free. Her organization is the only survivor run operation dedicated to helping women liberate themselves spiritually and mentally so that they may sustain their freedom.


 Her online momentum through social media, caught the attention of world renowned practical psychologist and motivational speaker, Tony Robbins. She was then flown to a retreat where they met and discussed how he could help her organization. This surge of support coupled with her overall experience at the retreat, inspired her creation of a holistic system of spiritual and sensual empowerment whereby she merges all her passions and teachings into one powerful modality known as the “O” Factors.

Jennelle’s quest for freedom has paved a path towards enlightenment that others can follow. She is a voice for the vulnerable and exploited, and is unashamed of her identity. Her fearless commitment and determination in empowering women and educating the public about the truth of human trafficking in America today has been met with criticism and praise due to her boldness. While others who’ve experienced that same trauma would use it as an excuse for their failures, she transformed that thinking into fuel for success. Now, her life is dedicated to teaching people how they can tend the flame of divinity that shines within all of us.


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What Clients Say About Jennelle

She has always amazed me at how well she takes care of herself, physically and spiritually. I go to Jennelle any time I need physical, mental and spiritual advice. She is always helpful and wise. She is the only person I trust other than my doctor and I will go to her first when I don’t want another pill thrown at me. She is a blessing.

Andrea Wilemon Ft Worth

Ashlyn and I really enjoyed our class today! It clearly was a breakthrough moment..the discussion that erupted was deep and healing and you were a great neutral third party….very well handled by you..very healing journey thus far.

Jared R

I don’t know if it’s the healthy food you have me eating or the supplements I’m taking but I’m loosing weight. I can actually put my finger and thumb around my wrist and I’ve never been able to do that before. I’m also not as depressed anymore. I’m still not happy but can’t deny I’m feeling better.

Mike Filio San Antonio

Jennelle’s workshop is a true method for self care to maintain your inner goddess and stay centered. This class is a release from tension that I find myself and many other girls store in their lower chakras. My weeks go by with much less stress when I get to get it all out! This class is no pressure, it doesn’t even feel like a class but a gathering of love and self healing:) Jennelle is a great energy, she focuses on creating an environment of true serenity and centers the class around self love and group love Highly recommend:))

Veronica S.

Jennelle does an amazing job of making everyone feel comfortable! What is being said, she absolutely knows how to get you out of your comfort zone, which at the time was something I needed. The energy in the workshop is light and welcoming. The meditation is blissful and relaxing. The oils she uses, the music she plays, her soft energy it all equates to an experience and that’s what keeps me coming back for more. I had been trying to hide from the pain and sadness I had been welling for some time but this experience completely allowed me release the emotions. I would take her workshop again.


Jennelle’s workshop promotes authenticity of the self. It allows you to dive deep within yourself, express your body through movement become liberated without judgment. The entire experience was soul filling and stress free. She really takes the time to get to know each student, you do not feel like a number, she knows how to make you feel comfortable and be willing to open up and share your story. Jennelle is an angel I found that helped pull me out of the rut I was in.



Agama Yoga Thailand

Certified through The Agama Healing Center this lineage within the tantra practice takes root in authentic Yogic and Ayurvedic knowledge, promoting a holistic approach towards health and personal evolution. Through Therapeutic Yoga Consultations, Daily drop-in Yoga classes and custom-tailored therapy plans, I show you how to maximize your practice for better health, happiness, and well-being. Other services offered include homeopathy, psychotherapy, yoga nidra, and nutritional guidance.

Orange Coast College

Education is power so powerful it led Jennelle Gordon into a community college after twelve
years. Determined to get another chance at life she enrolled in a public speaking course where she delivered a speech on sex trafficking. It was while researching she realized she had been a victim of sex trafficking for ten years. Later she founded the first ever human trafficking awareness club on campus. She was then employed by various professors to teach meditation, yoga and tantra on campus. She also began teaching dance movement therapy called Dance Om. She graduated with an associates degree in communication.

The Reiki Association

Usui Shiki Ryoh- 6th generation Reiki Master is a certification that was attained to pair with the energy healing work Jennelle had been facilitating during tantra sessions. Her master Kat Carroll was under the direct lineage of this Reiki Founder and this ancient practice adds value to any modality Jennelle teaches.

Health Coach Training program 2019

Beginning with studying various dietary plans in order to cure Stomach issues moving into natural remedies then practicing yoga this led me to certification as a Holistic Nutritionist through Integrative Nutrition.
When you are certified by one of the first yogic founding fathers of the west, you feel fortunate. This initial yoga training was the first step in truly attaining freedom from “The Life” of sex trafficking. It also set the stage for her next training with Sumits Yoga, a branch of east meets west hot yoga flow. This made Jennelle more coveted by professional athletes and more.
Summit Banerjee changed my life and view of what it means to be a yoga teacher. He was a non judgmental teacher and friend and tried his best to assist me in getting set free from my traffickers. His teachings helped me at a very dark time in my life. He was my light. Being the nephew of Bikram he’s lineage is strong but Summit stood on his own feet and created a flow form of yoga that has been copied by countless people because it was perfection.
Jennelle Gordon

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