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Jennelle Gordon has been blessed to be leading people on several continents into a Divine Union through the practice of yoga and holistic nutrition for nearly eight years. Growing up a pastor’s and missionary’s daughter she felt very repressed in certain areas of her life. Scoliosis caused her honorable discharge from the U.S. army, so yoga became her healer – not only for her spine but for her debilitating panic attacks and depression. Tantra yoga was the vehicle she needed to find, it led her to form Dance Om, where she was able to purge and release the dogmatic restraints placed upon her.

In April 2015 her heart center opened when her son was born, and her yoga practice was the vital key in his completely natural birth. In 2017, She founded Beyond Freedom, a nonprofit geared towards supporting sex trafficking survivors education expenses. After a life changing seminar with Tony Robbins, she was inspired to merge the compilation of all her passions and trainings into one powerful modality called the “O” Factors. The “O” Factors is holistic system of spiritual, sensual empowerment. Her dharma has led her to travel the world teaching people how to gather their emotional, sexual, and spiritual energy into something sacred and “Oh” so Divine!

Jennelle Gordon

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Jennelle will

Help you live a better life!

If you seek more productivity and vitality!

Productivity physical therapist- Have more energy, better health, so you can be more productive in life!

If you want to look better, feel better and live better!

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For women who want to be “Outstanding” in life!

The “O” Factor– A process of sensual, spiritual, feminine embodiment! Let’s discover your unique “O”!

Jennelle Gordon is not only a mom, an entrepreneur, a veteran, and a public speaker, but she is also a survivor and thriver of human sex trafficking.

Craving more Productivity?

Everybody wants more energy, to have better health so they can be more productive and have the dream life they envision! You know you deserve this and you probably have tried many different ways to obtain this. There was a time in Jennelle’s life that she had zero energy, she was burnt out juggling, her son, business and furthering her education but then a mentor showed her how to make magic happen and create the vitality and productivity she was seeking. It was fast, simple and it was powerful! The solution is having a system of health in place every single day.

Ladies care to get your “O” turned on?

If you are a woman, Jennelle has created something extra special just for you! It is called the “O” Factor! This unique, integrative system of beauty and balance through sensual empowerment helps you discover your dynamic O! Combining all of her knowledge and expertise in holistic nutrition, health coaching, yoga, meditation, the ancient art of Tantra, exotic dance, and reiki comes this exciting seven-part series designed with your beauty, wellness and sensual ideals in mind.

Jennelle takes the tedious eastern practices and HELPS WOMEN RECONNECT WITH THERE FEMININITY AND SENSUALITY AFTER TRAUMA AND ABUSE. . If ageless beauty, more energy, and life/work balance is something you want in your life, then this is the program for you! Be bold enough to uncover your “O”!

What Clients Say About Jennelle

She has always amazed me at how well she takes care of herself, physically and spiritually. I go to Jennelle any time I need physical, mental and spiritual advice. She is always helpful and wise. She is the only person I trust other than my doctor and I will go to her first when I don’t want another pill thrown at me. She is a blessing.

Andrea Wilemon Ft Worth

Ashlyn and I really enjoyed our class today! It clearly was a breakthrough moment..the discussion that erupted was deep and healing and you were a great neutral third party….very well handled by you..very healing journey thus far.

Jared R

I don’t know if it’s the healthy food you have me eating or the supplements I’m taking but I’m loosing weight. I can actually put my finger and thumb around my wrist and I’ve never been able to do that before. I’m also not as depressed anymore. I’m still not happy but can’t deny I’m feeling better.

Mike Filio San Antonio

Jennelle’s workshop is a true method for self care to maintain your inner goddess and stay centered. This class is a release from tension that I find myself and many other girls store in their lower chakras. My weeks go by with much less stress when I get to get it all out! This class is no pressure, it doesn’t even feel like a class but a gathering of love and self healing:) Jennelle is a great energy, she focuses on creating an environment of true serenity and centers the class around self love and group love Highly recommend:))

Veronica S.

Jennelle does an amazing job of making everyone feel comfortable! What is being said, she absolutely knows how to get you out of your comfort zone, which at the time was something I needed. The energy in the workshop is light and welcoming. The meditation is blissful and relaxing. The oils she uses, the music she plays, her soft energy it all equates to an experience and that’s what keeps me coming back for more. I had been trying to hide from the pain and sadness I had been welling for some time but this experience completely allowed me release the emotions. I would take her workshop again.


Jennelle’s workshop promotes authenticity of the self. It allows you to dive deep within yourself, express your body through movement become liberated without judgment. The entire experience was soul filling and stress free. She really takes the time to get to know each student, you do not feel like a number, she knows how to make you feel comfortable and be willing to open up and share your story. Jennelle is an angel I found that helped pull me out of the rut I was in.


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