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About Jennelle Gordon

Jennelle’s work focuses on healing people’s relationships and helping them overcome the shame they feel around intimacy and sex. She puts a lot of emphasis on creating stronger polarity between the masculine and feminine energies, which helps people ease into their natural relationship dynamic.

“I can empathize and connect with people in a way that is effective and that’s what people need, to feel connected and to feel heard. They don’t want to feel judged,” Jennelle expresses in her Daily Mail interview.

Today, at 40, Jennelle is a tantra, yoga, and intimacy sexpert, with years of extensive training in both Thailand and India. Her brand, The “O” Factors, is a holistic process of a spiritual and sensual embodiment whereby she merges all her passions and teachings into one powerful modality. This was, in part, motivated in part by Jennelle’s mentor, Tony Robbins!

Jennelle encourages a healthier shame-free view of intimate relationships and sexuality whilst helping entrepreneurs live the Outstanding, Orgasmic life in and out of the bedroom.

With so much social isolation during the pandemic, many of us are finding interpersonal relationships more challenging than ever post quarantine. If you need an expert for any sex, intimacy, and relationship articles or podcasts, Jennelle is happy to share her expertise in these fields.

Jennelle hosts global tantric intimacy retreats throughout the year. She has a book coming, called “Unf*ck your Sex Life”, and her TEDx talk will be released soon as well.

Jennelle’s soon-to-be released book is available for pre-order!

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